Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Hat

Last year I found a cool pumpkin hat pattern for little kids. I figured that I could adapt it for adults. My resulting hat was a hat made with size 11 needles was huge. I made a stuffed pumpkin with it.

This year I used smaller needles (size 8) and success. I ended up knitting three of this hat, one for me and two more for my office mates. We wore them Friday. Turns out that our principal wanted one, too so I'm knitting a fourth one and going to give it to him.

Here is the pattern: Now it is no longer a free pattern, and they did all the work of figuring it out for adults. It only costs $1.99 though.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bluegrass State

We actually didn't see any blue grass. Neither did we hear any bluegrass music. We did see Steve's old work mate. She retired 4 years ago much to Steve's chagrin. He missed her. He emailed her when we planned to drive near her home in London, Kentucky, and she said "Come on!"

We drove past her house the first time (durn GPS) but once we found it, Snooks and her husband were models of hospitality. We had figured we'd only spend the afternoon with them. They had other ideas. After dinner (!), Snooks said, "Of course, you are staying the night!" So of course, we stayed!

The next morning we slept in and then headed out to breakfast at Golden Corral. They paid despite our protests. After that, we visited a Flea Market. Didn't buy any fleas, har, har but got a pair of ace slip on loafers. Snooks got another rug. That evening she said, "Of course, you are staying the night!" So of course, we stayed again.

The next morning, loaded up with jams and jellies that Snooks had made but without the beagle that she tried to sneak into our car, we continued on our trip.