Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dizzy Baby Sweater

There once was a sheep named Dizzy,
His hair was white and frizzy,
He loved to give deals,
That were almost steals,
And that make my heart warm and fizzy!

If your a knitter and you've never checked out, you are missing out! It's like Woot for knitters. Every day they have a new deal on a different kind of yarn or needles or spinning wheel with one dollar shipping!

On May 1st, I checked out the Daily Dizzy Deal and found Plymouth Cotton Kisses Baby Sweater Knit Kit. It consisted of Cotton Kisses, a multicolored, multi-thickness cotton yarn, 3 duckie buttons and 2 patterns, in 3 sizes. My husband's office mate had just had a new baby added to his family, so I bought one in blue and green. Straight blue had already sold out! Both patterns are knit in pieces and then put together. Then the button band is picked up and knitted for the cardigan and the placket and neck picked up and knitted for the pullover. I made the cardigan. It turned out bigger than I expected but then I didn't swatch (gasp) and I never gave it to the family until September so the boy needed the extra size. It all worked out. I think I'll swatch next time though. It was a quick knit and very satifying.

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