Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

When DH came home with a bag of Amish Friendship bread starter, I told him, "Honey, friends don't give friends Amish Friendship Bread starter!" Have you ever kept a starter? You have to mess with it for 10 days, either burping it and mashing the bag or adding ingredients. And then on the 10th day, when it is ready, you have to find a few "friends" that you want to bless with the same headache you just went through for the last 10 days! JUST SAY NO!

I froze the starter after I made my last batch of bread. I figured I'd just use it for myself and not burden my friends. I made the chocolate variety. I added small chocolate chips and dried cherries. It made 2 medium-sized loaves and one large one.

I still had a cup of starter, so I made traditional Amish Friendship Bread, too.Well sort of. I added banana and coconut extract and almonds. Not very Amish I guess. Read the reviews after clicking on the link. One says that you don't need starter. In fact a friend of mine at work makes it all the time without the starter.

So the moral of this story is that while friends don't give time consuming starter to friends, they do give yummy, chocolatey, cinnamony bread for their friend's consumption! :0)

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