Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smothered Chicken Poblano

Oy! What a week! I barely remember the chicken poblano that titles this blog post! The teachers were back this week which means that the students are back next week. Please understand, this is the normal rhythm of a school and by no means unwelcome (to double my negative), but hectic is the first word that comes to mind and busy is the second. Schedules don't mesh for some reason and computers choose to work at half speed. Printers that were networked last year seem to have taken the summer off and don't want the vacation to end. Elevators used in the morning have burned up motors and a visit from the fire department in the evening. Smothered chicken poblano is last week's recipe. Cookies 'n Cream shakes with a side of fries is this week's, but if smothered chicken poblano intrigues you, head to the Old Hickory Grill in Burtonsville. In DH's opinion, their smothered chicken poblano is the definitive smothered chicken poblano. My recipe wasn't dog food, mind but just not real smothered chicken poblano. Now if I can just recreate OHG's recipe at home, so we don't have to pay $14.99.

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