Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pacific Coast Highway

In 2009, we visited California for the first time. I'm scrapbooking our album from that trip and posting my favorite remembrances. This first one stars the Pacific Coast Highway and the trip we took from the LAX to Long Beach. It took all day using this route, but it was well worth it.

PCH (a.k.a. The Pacific Coast Highway) We had the time. Steve's conference didn't start until the following day. We had a convertible with the top down. We didn't want to take the freeway. We had a beautiful, sunny day. Pacific Coast Highway it was then!

First we headed north. We found a restaurant right on the beach. I ran down to the water to touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time. As we sat there eating, a pod of dolphins swam by corralling their own food. Magical!

Then we headed south. We saw glorious homes, quintessential beach scenes and the LA power plant. On one stretch of the PCH, Jesus' parable about the foolish man who built his home on the sand came to life. All along the roadway were signs warning about the danger of the shifting roadway. To the left we could see where mesas had just collapsed like glaciers calving into the sea. On the right, pounded the ocean. A bit scary!

We stopped on a headland and just gazed on God's beautiful creation. We cruised through towns and envied their fortunate inhabitants. We crossed a bridge that soared into the sky high above ocean liners and transport loading below. And hours later we arrived in Long Beach, entranced, inspired and in love with California!

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