Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Ride!

We hadn't planned on getting a car. Not really. At least not the kind that APL was willing to pay for. We didn't see much point in driving around Cali. in an economy car. Disappointed, Steve said we'd just take the bus. The BUS! In a car-driven (pardon the pun) society like California? Sigh!

I didn't give up. I kept surfing the APL-approved rental sites every so often. Lo and behold, one fine day, a special! We could rent a convertible for the cost of an economy car! I snapped it up!

Fast forward to our trip. We flew into LAX, caught the bus to the rental place, stood in line and waited and waited and waited some more. Everybody had a reservation for a convertible it seemed. Would there be enough? We waited so long the manager offered us a free day's rental. Sweet! Out came our car. It wasn't a convertible. Not sweet! The manger realized her mistake and then offered us an upgrade. "How about a Mustang convertible?" she said. Sweet yet again! Steve who thought he was going to have to travel by bus now had the cruising car of a lifetime. And we kept the top down pretty much exclusively despite highs only in the 60's. We just turned on the heat. Heaven on earth!

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