Saturday, July 3, 2010

Columbus Rocks the Fireworks!

Columbus rocks! My apologies to Cleveland. I'm sure that it's lovely and all, I've never been, but Columbus earned the title with their fireworks display on July 2nd. The Capitol 4th has nothing on this display (except perhaps live music). It started with the Star Spangled Banner and concluded about 20 minutes later with the 1812 Overture. In between was the most lively, most varied fireworks display I'd ever seen. All sorts of colors, all sorts of styles.

Why Columbus, you ask? While researching our trip, we needed a place to stay after Fallingwater and before the Creation Museum near Cincinnati. Steve googled places in between and found that Columbus was renown in these parts for their fireworks. We love fireworks, especially the finales. We walked downtown about 3 hours before the show was to start. Steve, lovely, smart man that he is, thought to bring our portable chairs. So we sat in comfort down near the vendors and had a perfect spot. After eating gyros and butterfly chips and smoothies, I worked on my sock project, and Steve played Bejeweled. We stayed at the Hilton that evening. Steve found a package deal that included valet parking (normally $25) called the Red, White and Boom package.

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