Friday, July 2, 2010

First Stop:The Rockafellows!

Wednesday, June 30, 4 pm, Destination--Elizabethtown, PA, Purpose--Visiting the Rockafellows. I break Steve out of work around 4 pm, he takes the driver's seat, and we wind our way through traffic to Elizabethtown, PA. 6:30 finds us pulling into the Rockafellow driveway and being greeted by Justin. He's grown so tall and strong. We'd just missed his All Star game. Bummer! Ashley is the next out of the house. Can she really be going into 7th grade next year? I remember when she was only knee high rather than the tall, beautiful girl she is now. Linda came out next with her new haircut and friendly smile, followed closely by her svelte husband, Tim, 40 pounds lighter than when we last saw him. I can't believe we are here, starting our trip after so much planning, finally on vacation. We caught up for a few minutes and met the cats while Ashley made the rice for dinner. What a great helper! Dinner was yummy--chicken with some great mushroomy sauce on it with wild rice, fruit and a trifle made by Miss Ashley! Ashley, Linda and I hung out on the back deck until the mosquitoes started in on us as their dinner. The boys had a catch and then played wiffle ball until it grew too dark to see. Linda and I then made bracelets while Tim and Steve talked computers and played Wii baseball with Justin. Ashley had just joined the IM'ing world so was absorbed in chatting with friends.

We slept in a little the next day--July 1st. We planned a pool day, and the pool didn't open until noon. We managed to play some Wii Mario Cart before we left. Justin consistently came in first, but I did improve my standing from 12th (aka Last) place to my personal best, 6th place. We were afraid that the cool breeze and the partly cloudy conditions would ruin our day but not so. Instead, the pool wasn't crowded so we got a great umbrella spot, the water was warm so we were encouraged to stay in longer and the sun/breeze ratio was perfect so we didn't get too cold. All in all, I think I tread water while talking for about 2 hours before we got out, dried off and started thinking about lunch. I could spend every day like this! And the air smelled like chocolate brownies! The Mars chocolate factory is right down the road, and the breeze blew the lovely scent our way. Thankfully, Joanne had treated the office staff to brownies the day before and given me some to take on the trip. It was a perfect dessert after our pizza.

In the evening we headed to the movies to see Toy Story 3-D. We agreed that it didn't meet up to the standards of the first two, but we still enjoyed it. The men held a table at Damon's while the ladies spent about 10 minutes and no money (we'd forgotten to bring any) shopping. (Actually, Linda did find a great deal on the perfume she uses and hot-footed it to the car for a credit card later.) We then ate appetizers at Damon's while answering trivia and catching up on World Cup news. Everyone was tired by the time we got home. What a wonderful start to vacation!

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  1. linda rockafellowAugust 3, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    thanks for the nice about us It was a great time! Welcome home!!