Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday Drive

Ever been on a long trip and decided to swear off highways? We tried it once in California when we took the Pacific Coast Highway. The ride on the highway would've only been about 20 minutes, and it took 2 hours on the PCH, but the views were so beautiful, we didn't care. Sunday after church (we visited a Vineyard Church in Cincinnati--that's Steve with the trip mascot, Donkey), we told the GPS to avoid highways and off we went. We took two hours longer, but we saw some pretty country. We also saw some scary sections of city like in Gary, IN (yes, that one from the Music Man), but then when we got to Chicago, we drove the whole length of Lakeshore Drive. Lake Michigan is just so gorgeous with its blue, blue water. Since it was July 4th, there were so many picnickers. I loved seeing all the family groups. Happy 4th, Everyone!

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