Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mall of America

Our first impression of the Mall of America was one of disbelief. We thought as we drove around the outside that Columbia Mall was bigger! Once we got inside, however, and especially after we walked all three floors shopping, we felt differently. It is huge! It even has a whole theme park in the center. We went to Crave for lunch. We started off with beef spring rolls. They were crunchy outside and savory with beef and soba noodles inside. I had the lunch special of half a muffaletto sandwich and a Crave salad. Steve asked what the best burger in the place was. The waitress said that their bacon, barbeque burger was best. Steve got it and agreed. Our hunger sated, we started shopping. We hadn't been on a shopping spree for years. I found some tops on sale at Nordstrom Rack and some capris at Coldwater Creek and some shoes at DSW. Steve found some tops and shorts at Columbia. We got a couple of gifts, too. We ate dinner at Kokomo's Island Cafe. I felt like I was at Disney World the theming was so good. The food was good, too. Both of us had shrimp enchiladas. Yummy! We thought about a movie and then decided to get things ready for our next day's first time ever visit to my friend, Kari's.

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