Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sonic for breakfast again. Then dah, dah, dah, dah, dah , dah DAAAAAAAAH! Mount Rushmore! I was so psyched! As we drove, I could see glimpses through the trees! I tried to get pictures but Newman! I couldn't. I decided to just enjoy. Then we rounded a corner and there it was! Yippee! We parked the car and walked up the steps. The closer we got the better the views. We walked down to the museum. Then we were able to walk right underneath the Rushmore faces on a half mile loop to the artist's studio. After exploring, we even saw a mountain goat walking through the trees!

Wow again! Crazy Horse! When it's done, it'll be huge. I felt guilty the whole time though about how the Native Americans have been treated. It made me feel bad, too, that the family that is working on the Crazy Horse statue won't take money from the government to finish the statue. It's been 68 years and only Crazy Horse's face is done. Steve pointed out that perhaps there are too many strings attached.

Next we figured out that we weren't making it to Colorado this night. We called Mike and Amanda and set up a hotel in Nebraska. Then we headed to Custer State Park for their wildlife loop. Cathy Patrick recommended it to us. She said we'd see lots of animals. Did we ever! We saw prong-horned antelopes, prairie dogs, burros and tons and tons of bison. The bulls were as big as our car and right next to it! Some of these bison are sold in the fall because with the new babies the herd swells to 1,500 head and the park can only sustain about a thousand.

Nebraska had a yummy Mexican restaurant, a Walmart, a pool and a cheap pancake place for when we got up to late to get the free breakfast. And Carhenge! What's Carhenge? Stonehenge modeled with cars. We Americans are so classy!

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