Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Creation Museum

No sleeping in this Saturday for us! We had to get up and out to the Creation Museum, a two hour drive down the road and only one day to explore it. For us that might be an impossible task. We still haven't finished with either the Native American museum or the Newseum. But first we had to find breakfast. After an extensive search of roadside signs, I read "Tim Horton's" and whooped! Joanne had told me about Tim Horton's. We hurried off the exit. It was everything she said it was. Yummy! I even had a Canadian Maple Doughnut in honor of where Tim Horton's are usually found. Double Yummy!

After devouring our breakfast on the run, we finished our drive to the Creation Museum. (We are listening to a book on tape called Beautiful Boy, a father's journey through his son's meth addiction. Fascinating! Brilliant writer. Hard topic.) We pull up to the parking lot and are directed where to park. We walk to a glass-fronted building, one story but high-ceilinged. We walk in and wind our way to the ticket sales area. We decide on one-day passes with the planetarium included. Steve can't remember ever being in a planetarium. Then we are let loose to explore (until 1 pm when we have to be in line for the planetarium). The Creation Museum started with worldview, i.e. same facts interpreted differently because of how you view what God says in his Word. Then we explored the 7 C's of History--Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation. We thought it was done very well. The audio-animatronics when used were as good in their movements as anything you'd see at Disney. The planetarium show gave you a idea of the vastness of space and was also well done. In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I did find my eyes closing a couple of times though due to the comfortable almost reclining chairs and the cool, dark room. After lunch at Noah's Cafe--Roast Burgers, anyone?--we finished with the 7 C's, checked out the dinosaur dioramas and went to the bookstore. We explored the gardens for a minute--it was hot out there! Then we left. We'd recommend it. (Sorry for the lack of pictures. We forgot to charge the camera's battery.)

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